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About the MBE

When you first arrive in Germany, you probably have a lot of questions: “Where can I learn German? Where do I register my residence? How do I find a job? How can I get my professional education recognised?”

The MBE Migration Advice Service will help you to orient yourself in Germany and support you in realising your personal goals. The MBE Migration Advice Service is independent of government bodies. All advice is free of charge and confidential. It does not matter what your nationality or religion is.


The advice offered ranges from looking for an integration course and information about individual support services to integration into the jobs market. Not all of your goals can be implemented at once. MBE advisers will look at your needs and skills, and support you step by step in realising your goals. If required, they can arrange for you to visit other specialist advice centres.

The primary focus of MBE Advice Centres is on immigrants aged 27 and above who have a permanent residence status. Responsibility for immigrants under 27 generally lies with the Jugendmigrationsdienst (Youth Migration Services - JMD).

Refugees expected to reside in Germany for a longer period can also contact a MBE Advice Centre. However, the advisers do not offer advice on the asylum process. You should address your questions about your asylum process directly to an asylum advisory or a refugees' advice centre.

You can contact a MBE adviser directly via our mbeon app (Apple Store, Google Play). The working hours of the advisers are from Monday to Friday. If you prefer to make contact in person and visit an advice centre, you can find an MBE Advice Centre near you under Help on the Spot (Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia).

The MBE is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.