I am worried about pregnancy. Who can I turn to for help?

Women who have questions regarding family planning or pregnancy, or who are facing difficulties, are not alone. Pregnancy counselling agenciesprovide information and advice free of charge and, upon request, anonymously regarding any and all questions and worries surrounding pregnancy.

The staff at these counselling agencies provide information about, among other things:

  • family benefits (parental allowance [Elterngeld, ElterngeldPlus], maternity pay [Mutterschaftsgeld]) 
  • economic assistance for pregnant women (monetary and material benefits)
  • social assistance for pregnant women (e.g. looking for a flat, job or training position)
  • labour laws and maternity protection
  • prenatal examinations 
  • the costs of delivery 
  • and much more


You can obtain addresses of pregnancy counselling agencies from an MBE (Migrationsberatung [Immigration counselling]) office or via chat.