The German healthcare system is one of the best in the world. All residents have a right to basic healthcare, regardless of their income. This also applies to people who have not yet been granted a recognised residence title.

  • Anyone can receive treatment from a doctor or, in an emergency, from a hospital and obtain the medications and appliances they require from a pharmacy. You can read more under the Medical care section.

  • In addition, there are also many preventive resources for you and your family, to help avoid diseases and illnesses from happening. You can find further information in the Preventive Healthcare section.

  • The costs for medical treatment, a stay in hospital or medicines are paid for by your health insurance fund as a rule, except for the small co-payment that you must make. You therefore must belong to a statutory or private health insurance fund. You can read more about health insurance here.

  • Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders or addictions are treated by doctors. The first place to turn to if you have a problem is often an advice centre. You can read more under Mental Health and Drugs and Addiction.

  • Doctors, counsellors and therapists have a legal duty of confidentiality. This means that everything you discuss with them is strictly confidential and cannot be repeated to other people.

Medical Care

Drugs and Addiction

Preventive Healthcare

Mental Health