Housing is a major essential requirement for all people, like clothing and food. It is very important indeed for most people to find a nice, suitable home for themselves and their families. However, renting a property can be a major challenge, especially for families with children and people with little or no income.

  • There are many different individual factors to be considered when choosing somewhere to live. The very first one is your financial capacity and the price of the rent. Other criteria include it being the right size, the surroundings of the location and whether it is near to doctors, schools or shops.

  • Rent prices and the supply of rental properties can be very different in different regions. Properties in the centre of big cities are often highly sought-after and therefore expensive.

We want to provide you with some information and tips on how you can find somewhere to live and what potential options you have for state support. You will find the things to know about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and what to look out for when you move.

Looking for Accommodation

Moving Home

Rent and Tenancy Law