Moving Home

When you get a new home and your address changes, there are a few things to bear in mind. For example, you need to register with the responsible registration office and inform authorities and service providers of your new address.

  • In Germany there is compulsory registration: If you move home, or move to a home for the first time in Germany, you must register yourself and all underage persons living in your household with the responsible registration office usually within a deadline of one or two weeks. If you re-register too late, you may have to pay a fine.

  • As well as giving your new address to your friends and family, you should also give it to official agencies and authorities, your health insurance fund, banks and insurance companies, and other service providers too.

  • It is possible to request for your post to be forwarded by the Post (online or in a post office)  (only in German). Your mail will then be automatically forwarded to your new address for an agreed period. You will have to pay for this service.

  • Remember to change or register your telephone (landline) and internet connections with your telecoms provider in good time before you move. You will also have to change or register your electricity and gas supplies with your energy supplier.

  • For people with no income of their own (those receiving Unemployment Benefit II or income support), under specific conditions the job centre will cover the costs of moving in and initially furnishing the accommodation with necessary furniture. This is done based on an assessment of whether the move is necessary. Please ask your job centre first for more information about whether it is possible to cover the costs for you.