Reco­gnition of Profes­sional Qualifi­cations

Have you already completed professional training or a degree in another country? If so, you should start by checking whether you can work with it in Germany or whether you require recognition of your professional qualifications.

Special recognition services examine whether your certificate is adequate for you to perform a certain profession in Germany. This examination is also called the recognition process.

What are the requirements for the recognition process?

  • You should be able to prove a complete professional qualification from another country and should provide as much evidence for it as possible, in the form of certification and documentation.

  • However, you do not require German citizenship or a residence title for recognition. You can also seek recognition if you are still in the asylum process.

  • It is also possible to make your application when you are still abroad.

Advice in German and English is available via the Hotline Working and Living in Germany of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). The telephone number of the Hotline is +49 30-1815-1111

There are specialist advice centres to help you with everything to do with recognition. Go to the "Recognition in Germany" website to find your nearest specialist advice centre!