Parental leave

As an employee, you have a right to a total of 36 months of parental leave. During this time, you do not work but instead only look after your child. Your job continues to exist during this time and you cannot be fired by your employer. During your parental leave, you receive no salary, though you do receive a parental allowance, among other benefits.  

Mothers and fathers can take parental leave alone or together. They can also divide the months amongst themselves. It is important that 12 of the 36 months are taken before the child's third birthday. The remaining 24 months can be taken until the child's eighth birthday. 

Grandparents can also take parental leave if one of the parents is a minor or is in training and was still a minor when the training began. Grandparents only have a right to parental leave when neither the mother nor the father take it themselves.

You can also get advice via chat or at an MBE (Migrationsberatung [Immigration counselling]) office. Family counselling agencies can also provide information about the parental leave.