Financial Support for People with Low Income

  • For people and families without an income of their own, or are receiving unemployment benefit II or income support, your rent will be covered by the responsible job centre or social welfare office. There are different upper limits in different regions. The upper limit is the highest amount that the rent can be. These upper limits can differ between cities and between regions. For specific details, ask your responsible job centre.

  • People without an income of their own (Arbeitslosengeld II [unemployment benefit], income support) or with a low income can access social housing. These properties are paid for by the state and cost less than other properties. To rent social housing, you need a Wohnberechtigungsschein (certificate of eligibility for social housing) which can be applied for from the housing office.

  • To avoid the financial burden of accommodation being too high, you may also receive housing benefits. This is a subsidy towards rent which you can apply for at the housing benefit section at your local municipal office. Your income capacity will be assessed first. More information can be provided by the housing benefit section at your local municipal office.